Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite overnights

On occasion I have the good fortune to have fabulous overnights. Two of those Fab overnights include palm springs and Vancouver Canada.

Palm springs:
For anyone who has never visited Palm Springs, you really need to take a weekend and enjoy the majesty of this southern California gem.  The weather is almost always perfect, shopping is ample, and the cute downtown will steal your heart. I personally am completely content just staying at our crew hotel and enjoying the pool. Very few things bring me more joy than my phone telling me it's snowing in utah as my skin is Browning :)

Vancouver BC:
Ok, I LOVE Vancouver!!! We are fortune enough to stay at the Sydney pier hotel and spa in Sydney. In my opinion this is the best crew hotel thus making it one of the best overnights. This adorable little town iis a mix between Balboa island California and Laie Hawaii. Sydney is definitely is the type of community and atmosphere I would like to find myself living in one day. This area is so beautiful! Soooo BEAUTIFUL! Tje hotel is completely eco friendly with amazing products (when you are on the road as much as i am, trust me, good products are important). The hotel also offers a dog you can walk, whale watching, running trails, a full service spa, as well as amazing ocean views from almost every room. Another great find in Sydney is the cafe on 3rd a darling cafe owned by a former flight attendant and also home to the very best eggs benedict.    


Went to Maui for Valentine's weekend. I am lucky to have a friend like Nikki

Papa John's new stem cells

My dad, known as Papa John just completed a bone marrow transplant. The poor Guy has been in UCLA medical center for the past seventeen days and now has been released to a hospital hotel for hopefully less than a week until he's fully discharged to go home.
If you would like to read about Papa John's process you can visit

This is not the most flattering picture. I know this. I was a little stunned at just how much hair he had really lost. After 2.5 yrs of chemo he has never lost this much hair.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Israel during the month of December? Been there done that.

Winter Beach

Winter is best spend in warm areas with minimal clothing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Jack Attack

I have now seen Jack Johnson 4 times and i would pay another $50 to see him again! Corey SImons, one of my favorite Hawaiian friends, took me to Jack. I flew in for the evening and had a delightful stay.